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lunalovr24 asked: do you have a pattern for the crochet Doctor Who scarf??

Hullo! That was quite a while ago. I don’t have a pattern written out, but as far as making the crocheted version, the scarf was just a basic double crochet all the way up, however thick and long you would like it. the tardis itself is just another rectangle box of single crochet, and then when you get to the top, you decrease by one or two on each side in the first one, and then another one or two each row until you only have a few left and just tie them off there. It depends on how sharp you want the slope of the roof to be. if you want a tall roof then only decrease by one on each side. if you want a flatter roof, which is more customary, then decrease by two or three on each side. Then I cut out felt pieces and hot glue everything onto the tardis, and then sew the tardis onto the scarf portion. I just use yarn for the sewing. 

I hope that helps, if you have any more questions, please let me know!

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WIP: Muy-scarf.

Did I ever say how much I loved Eadweard Muybridge’s photography series on the running horse?

Yeah, so cutting edge film photography always ranks high in my book. So when I saw this little piece of amazingness…

I said, “I HAVE TO DO THIS!” Never mind that I can’t knit very well, nor have I ever knitted with more than one color, nor have ever I knitted a picture before. Whatever right? Let’s wing it.

So What I did was found this gif

which I saved frame by frame and then manually colored each block into an excel sheet to make the knitting pattern. With the first block I thought I would cheat and just draw the yarn across the pattern. What it did was give me holes in a few places, made it curl and bunch up. But on the plus side what I liked about it was that it poofed it out and made it look 3d. but that was way to hard. So, i looked up a few tutorials online and discovered intarsia knitting, which is specific for coloring changing and pictures. It helped a lot with the curling and fixed my holes problem and also made each stitch more defined, but it flattened it out. Oh well. My sides still curl in but I think that’s going to happen however I do it so i’m not too concerned. I will update my progress as it goes, I hope to have it before the snow flies and I actually need it.

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Hello everyone!

Yeah, I haven’t been craftin much. Sorry for being a blank space on your dash. Getting my life together after study abroad has been, well, hectic and I just haven’t had the time to make anything. When I do though, you’ll be sure to see it. Thanks for sticking in there with me. :)

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Long time no post! Since I hand crafted about 70% of my halloween costume this year, I decided to post it.

Yes I didn’t deviate from the expected, some friends and I went as girl Avengers and I as the dear Cap. The non handmade part included some shirts from goodwill, blue tights and some boots I already had, but the rest, including my skirt, gloves, spats (red boot covers), “mask”/headband and shield were all handmade.

The only other non-handmade element that Ma’am Sandy allowed me to use so readily was a authentic ww2 wool dress jacket that I somehow managed to pick up at an antique store in New Jersey for 25 bucks. (in great condition too).

But here are most of the handmade elements.

The shield is actually made from the bottom of a stand up fan (my dad had it in his garage) and then some wood pegs were attached so I could sew some straps from a heavy camo/canvas material. The front was hand painted with just some glossy latex paint from wally world.

The headband is just a standard ear warmer, no pattern necessary and a felt A sewn on.

The gloves I winged a bit as well, I had made gloves before and so i just extended the cuff pattern, which is made first, into a rectangle that fit around my wrist, and then added rows in an acute triangle looking addition so that it would fit around my elbow area. After that, you start crocheting from the top of the circle up, with extention for the thumb, first and then once the thumb is done you just continue in a circle up the palm until you’re done. With it being so cold I had almost wished I had made them full gloves, but I ran out of time.

There were also red spats that I made (also complete winging) for my brown boots so as to give a bit of a more authentic ww2 military look then just straight up red boots.

All and all, a very successful costume.

My friend went as comic Thor. That came out great as well.

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Because I can that’s why.

So, I had some material left over from both my Cap bag and another project i’m working on. So I decided to put it to good use and make this.

(Please excuse these TERRIBLE picture)

That’s right, its a Captain America Apron! Because who else has this? Not you I dare-say.

What is more 40s then cooking actual meals with an apron? Not much, save for that jacket behind it (I am unparalleled at finding ww2 stuff at antique malls). I must say that i am an official pro at sewing stripes though. I had to cut all of those. And sew them. But these ones I didn’t press the seams because frankly, I was really lazy.

It needs a pocket still but other than that I thought it came out quite well.

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You bet your bow tie it’s bigger on the inside!

I started making this for myself and then a friends mom made a request and well as a university student I never turn down an opportunity for fast cash, so here’s the latest project!

Its a TARDIS Nook/Kindle cover! Because books are the best weapons in the world, and of course an e-reader is bigger on the inside.The top where Police Box is stitched opens up as a small flap to reveal your ereader (sorry the doors don’t work… on this model anyhow).

I could possibly have these available to sell if there is an interest!

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To make the old, old again.

So, I’ve had the idea to do this whole “distress painting” for a while because anything with a British flag on it and a little bit of rustic is one of the best things ever. So, laying around in my room holding up my unhealthy amount of Indiana Jones novels is this bookcase:

which was very much lacking and not having a nice time of it, so I took a day and worked some magic (though its still lacking the British flag on the top, which is yet to come!) and thus: 

This retro beauty was formed! The blue is a spray paint my Dad had laying around (he likes buying discount paint) and some old off white. The brown spots are the sanded areas to give it a “rustic and used” feel. That part was much harder than I bargained for. A finishing sander was used on the top to get this effect:

(A flag will be painted on later) And then just hand sanding was used to achieve the wear and tear. The top and sides ended up coming out much better than the back, but then again, you can’t see it when there are books there, so no real loss.

So this has been one of my bigger projects. And in its natural habitat, it looks ready to pose for some Ikea model.

(now if only I could take a decent picture with this camera…)

(and if anyone is wondering, the camera in that picture is a Graflex Graphic 35. Take that hipsters. Holga and Leica are mainstream now. You never even heard of Graflex. Push button Rangefinder baby.)

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Reporting for Duty!

My latest project took less time than I thought it would, but needless to say a lot of nights after work were put in to this fantastic Captain America!

The entire uniform is removeable, including gloves and boots. The hood comes up or lays flat (the shield needs a bit of work). His arms, legs and parts of his core also have wire for some bend (Nothing crazy, but he is a bit pose-able). This was my biggest doll yet, as he’s about 1 foot 4 inches. (my normal ones are only about 10 inches). And yes, his hair is hand sewn.

I hope to be able to make smaller versions of all the avengers and have them available to sell.

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Hello new followers! I hope to post more soon including a special doll I made recently,

and perhaps some crochet patterns and articles and what not.

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This just in…

Since I haven’t yet sold anything on etsy, I’m cutting a special deal.

Free shipping to the continental United States.

That’s right peeps of the u.s. you can sip your tea like the brit you wanna be

with your tardis mug cozie hand made by me.

With no shipping, its a heck of a deal

might even get me a wendy’s meal…

But seriously. head on over to and pick something up.

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Puttin’ on the Cap.

I don’t know about anyone else but I am super psyched for the Avengers (I’ve already pre-ordered my midnight premier tickets). And there’s no Avenger I love more then the dear ‘ol Cap. So with a little help from my mother and a nice tutorial online, (and God Bless Jo-ann fabrics for once) I made up this spiffy little tote.

We added a bit from the tutorial that was online here:

We added a liner, which was basically making the bag twice and sewing it inside out. There is also a pocket on the front (the inconspicously placed comic cover) and a pocket on the inside (note to everyone else: sew pocket to lining before sewing lining into bag….. yeah.)

As for the tutorial, two yards for the straps was more than enough, and mine were longer than what was called for. We also did our own dimensions, adding a bit to the top and bottom.

So with a giant target of a t-shirt and this nifty tote, I too am ready to nerd out with the Avengers. No shame my friends.

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Saving Hyrule and the Universe… After my first Cuppa

Hey there few followers. I would like to encourage you all to check my etsy shop. There’s not much yet, but in lieu of saving up for paintball, I beg of you to take a look at my home made geek wares.

Both the Tardis and Triforce mug cozys are now only 5 dollars. You may not think you need them, but you actually do.

Guaranteed top quality with a Time Lord and Hyrulian seal of approval.

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I’m the Doctah.

What originally started out to be Mr. Darcy has transmorgified and ended up as the adorable 11th Doctor.

It seems that each little amigurumi gets better as I go, so I hope to continue. The doc here poses with my roomie’s sonic screwdriver (I wish I had one). This was the first time I used felt for hair, and i’m still trying to decide if I like it or not, but it seems to be okay for now. I was really mad though, I ran out of the tan for his jacket so I had to patch a sleeve together. When I get more, perhaps I will make a new jacket.

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